The only time it would come into play is if and when the condo is up for sale. I’m facing the same issue. Also Airbnb asked that I provide them my social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google) connections. Mark hiked up the prices for certain nights, bringing the total for those eight days up by one hundred and ten dollars. Travelling usually involves reserving an accommodation with a credit card. Sheets were faded and wrinkled. I booked a double room for 4 young adults Payment was made of R1380,00. Good luck. I would give this company a zero if it was an option. When I explained that this was a very bad business model. We had a similar issue with bugs. On 8 January I received a puzzling email from AIRBNB claiming that I had recently been in contact with an account that had been removed.On checking the AIRBNB site I found that the house I had booked was no longer listed, although it was certainly there on 6 January. T he recent string of big Airbnb news stories regarding shootings, injuries, murders, sexual assault, discrimination, and other woeful goings-on seems to indicate a company scrambling to keep up with its own growth, and one of the many results of that is a poor support system for its customers. This is $3000 we are talking about. That same ****ing day, mid-conversation with my girlfriend about the trip, I get an automated message from Airbnb that our reservations were cancelled. All because Airbnb. Very traumatic and I carry a lot of guilt about what I should have done differently. This happened to me this morning as well. Never expected this kind of hospitality and response from a host and Airbnb. She kindly “offered’ alternative accommodation to stay in a mixed room?! The worst part is trying to get AirBnB to delete my account. I arrived home from a trip to find that the guest in my house had had up to 5 extra people at different times staying in my house over his 37day booking- my first morning back there was a strange Italian man on my sofa and another man in the guests room with him who told me to fuck off when I asked him to leave. Canada The difference here is that I’m uploading sensitive information to the Airbnb web. I ask the manager if this establishment was safe and he became very aggressive, argumentative and told me to google the place…I asked him what the establishment was called and he told me. If you need to send or request money for something that wasn’t included in your reservation, use the Resolution Center.You can ask Airbnb to get involved if you need help working out any details. I am having a terrible experience with the room I have checked in today in Dubai at horizon tower, hosted by Hana. He says I know. I hate Airbnb, they are the worst. any tips for actually getting their account deleted? Better class of clients too as they are properly vetted. The best toll-free phone number for calling Airbnb Customer Service is 1-855-424-7262 (Even with this number, the average wait time is between 7 and 12 minutes). First, it made no sense to ask me to provide this information when I am already an established and repeat customer. I sent four follow on messages to my resolution center POC, and she never replied. Dieses erreichen Sie unter folgender Nummer: +49 (0)30 - 30 80 83 80. If you’d like to try a long-shot, you can email these people: Host or Guest Concerns: Aisling Hassell, Global Head of CX Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb can be reached at either or has anybody got luck communicating with higher management to solve issues? Watch out for “Bait and Switch” on Airbnb, we are fire victims and look what happen to us?! Perhaps at least calling the above number will give them this information and maybe they can shut them down. 28 sep 2019. Contacter Airbnb. Her room looked like any teenagers room with no luggage and they spoke as if she had been there for awhile. Customer service did absolutely nothing to help, and no one has contacted me. We are 5 members of family including a old senior and young child. Not one of us can leave a review on your listing unless we’ve completed a stay, which only highlights how crappy and broken the Airbnb system really is. It’s been over two weeks and AirBnB is still holding thousands of dollars from us. My daughter phoned me to let me know that they could not get inside the property. I agree, sometimes when I call into Customer Service Line, and not just Airbnb, communication can get a little difficult if I am connected with an overseas call center. 6 guests I wanted to let them know fraud is being committed and to maybe get someone looking into the booking to stop it- but, alas there is no way to get in touch with this organization. I know what I saw on my screen, it said the booking was cancelled and that I would get the full amount refunded within 10 days. I’ll just keep deleting them but it must be very frustrating for the person who’s genuinely trying to access their account. I am posting really soon on here my story!!! Scott . Loved them in the past. They keep changing their policy and they recently changed it saying that they will not refund you if your state or country has travel restrictions placed because of COVID! Airbnb does take Fraud seriously. AC doesn’t chill, the thermostat for the AC is in other room, which is occupied by a different guest and he/she has locked the room. I had hoped to let other hosts know that the guest had cancelled at short notice but I was not able to do this without reviewing her as a guest in terms of cleanliness, sticking to house rules etc. I am at a loss what to do here. Call Airbnb, ask them to change your password (the temporary password is sent through email). Both are in July, but for different weekends. Won’t honor their extenuating circumstances from Covid policy DESPITE US citizens being prohibited from traveling to Europe. I used to love, the website that offers me access to nice accommodations for my summer travel. Absolute worst customer service!!!!!!! In fact airbnb did not get back in touch with me at all which surprised me. I have proof that Airbnb covers-up dangerous conditions/people and knowingly allows them to operate. Since 2018, Airbnb has proudly partnered with Polaris–a leading anti-trafficking organization and operator of the US Human Trafficking Hotline–to combine their world-renowned expertise with the innovation and scale of the sharing economy to take a modern approach to preventing modern slavery. Can’t change my password and they send me an email telling me to sign into my inbox to review and reply to the message.  We have heard many stories of former Airbnb Hosts and Guests who have contacted Airbnb and spent literally weeks going back and forth via email messages and phone calls before either giving up, or finally reaching a real manager with authority to resolve real issues. My question, is there anything I can do to be compensated for these issues? I had to be sure, so I went to my receipt, found that the refunded price was 114 and some change. Not a word from Airbnb. Lastly, look at my wife’s feet after cleaning this home ourselves?!? I had to explain to her that it wasn’t anything I did that caused the cancellation. the front desk at the condo building will have to let me into my unit until the key arrives. Beware. Hope I get some response from airbnb and they help me to make my place liveable. i need to contact airbnb due wrongly give email for confirmation booking. He did not reply till 5days before our reservation and now said you can only have 9….! What terrible customer service. If you care to look at the communication between us you will see that I was in fact helpful. After one day I informed Air BnB they were not willing to cancel my reservation until I submitted photos and they saw.After they saw the photos they stated that they would cancel the remainder of my month long reservation. I don’t actually have an account with them and I’m not going to create one just for this. Hi Scot, have just had a very similar experience to yourself. But still they cant give my money back. And AirBnb totally unreachable, contactable, even the CEO, non responsive. The number provided doesnt work. The money isn’t even an issue now. I did eventually get the payment and hoped that was the end of it. The final answer was : NO, we will not do the refund tranfer to your account. Bleeding and vomiting. My family lost my father and we were renting the place so my daughters, grand baby had a place to stay. I’ve didn’t hours and hours trying to get this resolved. You’ll be able to access your account again and change your password into a new one. The topics covered range from searching for listings to taxation policies. VTRIPs refunded our money but we have had no response from Airbnb for the more than $2000.00 they owe us. My niece is 21 years old and at the moment she is alone in London, no place to go and nobody to help, with luggage for 2 months staying and i am in the West Midlands. Immediately I open my email and see that my money has been refunded and will take up to 15 days to process. They left a door unlocked (per the rules, they would have forfeited their security deposit), they broke my couch, damaged the outside of my refrigerator, their dogs dug holes in my yard and damaged the paint inside my home. Come to find out the host was in his room the whole entire time, listening to our conversations. I just tried my first Airbnb request. Chuckles and tries to explain that Airbnb is a work in progress and that he wasn’t worried about me climbing the chain of command to get some results. what kind of system you use i don’t know and seriously i don’t feel like using this app anymore. Airbnb tried to take the balance payment from the new card unsuccessfully, which automated the cancellation. Unless airbnb can verify your account by matching credit card info, you will not get a temp password. Only last message displyed was wait for confirmation which will be informed after 24 hours. I do not get any sense of trying to help from Air bnb. But they can't be bothered to answer. ∙ I go into the Availability section to check their calendar… LO AND BEHOLD, there are my dates that I booked two months ago. AirBNB didn’t seem to care at all. When we called customer service they took his side over ours even though we have a paper trail of conversations that are clearly misleading us the customer. Very unprofessional. Because of this she could not possibly ‘represent her personal experience’ of staying at my home (as stated in your policy). first of all they have no such user facility that if they have any issues they can contact them, and the only option left with message them and it is completely up to their wish ether they will respond you or not, ohhh… common forget about asking what you felt about a refund or to find out ether i get it, I am literally wondering why people start business when they don’t consider long term relationship , and they really do for customer. How on Earth can a company like Air BNB explain such disgraceful customer services??? We told Michael that is not what was discussed and never once did he try to fix it. The problem had occurred due to the fact we made half the payment on booking in May 2018, in the meantime, our credit card used for the original booking had been changed to a new one with different numbers. Airbnb’s customer service is… TERRIBLE. For some reason it did not register and the booking did not get canceled. I am a host in the US and we cannot do that w any reviews over there. I received 4-5 stars rating from the host families I stayed with. Here's how the process works: 888 Brannan St.Floor 4San Francisco, CA 94117, Compare Airbnb to Other Vacation Rental Companies. I was using Airbnb because I couldnt afford a hotel. It’s just plain common courtesy to give people a reason for cancelation, of which you clearly have none. Not at all. Wow this is so ridiculous, this just happened to me on Friday May 17th, There had to be a glitch in the system. You are so lucky Rob. What kills me is the only reason I am in this situation is that I chose to trust in the integrity and decency of the host, when I should have known better. They were supposed to accommodate for my hotel stay because that was all the money I had. This request is in violation of Airbnb policy, is unethical and fraudulent, and has financial impacts and hardship since Sextant Stay refuses to process the cancellation and returning my money. I am trying to contact customer service to resolve the issue. DO NOT BUY AIRBNB GIFT CARDS! The person who was trying to hack your account will be permanently stopped, because the password has been changed. What is the name of the person you contacted that finally resolved your problem? This just happened to me too! But it’s been 48 hours since I reported it and still no contact from the “correct department” as they call it. I took this option because we were still waiting for our refund and had no money for another hotel. The timing was uncanny. He can still rent the condo, at will, despite the lien. Last minute she calls me to say she can’t because she has someone else willing to pay cash for the room, so I would have to find somewheres else. I think you’re a scummy business person who is complicit in Airbnb’s well-documented price gouging of honest customers. I am truly upset about this, and would like to request that Airbnb destroy ALL my particulars immediately, especially my credit card details. Our Airbnb had catfished us, and the space was not what the pictures had been showing. F*** you, Mark. I have pictures, emails, videos etc of the stay. dont make fraud people, What if someone put a scam ad with wrong information? I am in Peru where my phone does not work. I am really disappointed with Airbnb and am hoping that there will not be a greater danger to future young women who visit that establishment advertised on the Airbnb website. We have a tenant who is not paying rent. One minute they have some man on speaker phone explaining she is having a miscarriage. A few days ago, i found out there is only 1 toilet without a sink! I think we should we should take this matter further except whoever you correspond with will send you to the STUPID HELP CENTRE cos they too damn scared to have a telephonic discussion. SAN FRANCISCO: Airbnb and DoorDash make their stock market debut this week as part of a “unicorn parade” capping a busy year for hot startups going public. 15 DAYS!!! Airbnb Customer Service Phone Number. what B.S.! Payment is handled by Airbnb which takes a three per cent cut of the listing price from the host and six to 12 per cent service fee from the guest. ?‍♀️ This Airbnb should be shut down! I have no idea why I didn’t. Wie setze ich mein Passwort zurück oder ändere es? My account got hacked two days ago, they made 3 reservations and checked in all at the same time and paid everything. I will be posting my story here shortly, Please read it & then decide if these are the kind of organisation you want to be affiliated with Regards Marie, I am completely disappointed with Airbnb! Tweets sometimes work. any advice? It was designed to increase confidence in both hosts and guests. That is the next option below. The host tells me She was sent there from Honduras to establish citizenship and someone would be flying in to pick her up in a couple days. They said they would call me in a day or so. This is disheartening information. The host has made some attempts to resolve the issues however, the TV service is till freezing up and very unreliable. They tell me I am put on “priority” but it has been 4 days and have heard nothing. Neighborhood and Township went to great expense to ask that this Vacation Rental By Owner not be permitted. Hotline. illegal border crossing issues? He as done so without regard for the community by-laws, or the impact to other homeowners. Im out $1700 and can’t get an answer as to why. Unable to contact the office in San Fran and they planned it that way. I’m sure this will get deleted by an AirBNB admin, so we’ll be sharing this everywhere else we can, no one else (any family or human) should ever have to go through what we experienced, ever!! What the hell kind of cult is this!? Over the past few years, Airbnb has grown and expanded at an extremely fast pace. I called 911 immediately after they left and spoke with the officers who arrived, at which time it was determined that it was not safe for me to remain at the residence. dont cheer up this kind of hotels . 2 bedrooms, Click the envelope icon in the top-right corner of your account, Once in the inbox, click a message thread to view old messages or send a new one, Each inquiry or reservation has it's on communication thread, which can be found in the inbox. How we don’t have any idea. Poor customer service. Truly just curious, why would you ever pay to have the technician fix someone else’s home? They called host, host told them they were in a bad financial place and they had no cancellation after 48 hrs booking. Booked an airbnb in Fort Langley in April, 2020. It’s not possible to get someone on a phone to handle this. My address was used as a fake airbnb address to scam people. We regularly receive questions from frustrated and angry Airbnb Hosts and Guests seeking a direct phone number to contact Airbnb. having been paid money for 30days I don’t know how I’ll live here. Here is a link from Airbnb saying you will not be charged anything – A business in California isn’t allowed to sell you a gift card and then not let you use it for their services or products. Now airb&b has told us we can’t get any of our money back. Host here: You should be able to get 100% of your refund back due to COVID 19. I am currently terrified and disappointed on the first day of my stay here. We just want our money and get out of Airbnb. In this community, any lease must be filed with the HOA. Airbnb customer service said it is OK not return key. Did not refund. Not a thing. 3. Nice property rented from a nice lady turned out to be remote and dilapidated Robert’s Redneck Retreat horror shacks, where guest had to be alone with crazy male owner. The representative on the phone confirmed the policy. ∙ Mainly, my issues are regarding the Internet service and TV service which was advertised as one of the available amenities at this property. Before the children arrived, I had messaged the b&b and asked if they had a printer to print a booking ticket and they said they had no business office or printer etc. At first I thought it was the host trying some underhanded deal, but eventually found it had been cancelled by Airbnb’s automated system. Hi Wan, were you able to recover your account? So we decided to speak to Michael who presented us with links of what we assumed were to places that would hold all of us. They said that the issue is that this needs to be resolved with the host first and then AirBnB will respond. We are in South Africa. But now I am disappointed and angry at how Airbnb been treating me. I’m frustrated because they have absolutely NO customer service and their policies for handling issues are unfair and unreasonable. They locked me out of my account because “I” or whoever this other person is, has tried too many verification codes. Hotline Airbnb – so erreicht ihr den Kundenservice. Send a message to your guest or host, or try calling them. Airbnb Customer Service is horrible!  Read 15 Reasons Airbnb Customer Service is terrible from world-famous travel blogger, Asher Fergusson. I think it’s shocking that the host was not reachable on check in times.. I called the customer service number and was hung up on at least three times. In the past month we have had over 20 cancellations and for each one the guest got back 100% and I nothing. tune sensitive question……. I am about to contact a lawyer. So we asked him if we could still have 25 he said “yes it is perfect” so once again we assumed that this would work for our group. I haven`t receivet a refund for the booking that was cancelled on april 2020! Hackers booked an $800 stay on our account and charged our CC. They should do a background check on ALL Host. The Customer Service people are toothless, follow scripts, are probably undertrained, and are like Lyft drivers – they log in when they need to work so there’s no ownership in their job, they do the absolute minimum, they don’t have relationships with their supervisors, and, although mostly cordial, they are mostly useless. I’ll never book through airbnb again. Human trafficking – jesus. I am so pissed, I could choke them! In fact, I hadn’t received a peep out of this guy Mark since my initial message to him two months prior, introducing myself and informing him about our plans. My son needed electricity for his breathing treatment and you guys did NOTHING. the next day after arrival, I had to sit around in the lobby from 4 to 7pm waiting for UPS to show, unload their truck and then find my package so I could finally get my key. In case of cancellation even on time, you will not get your refund back ! In dringenden Fällen erreichen Sie den … The host was fine and refunded their charge but airbnb are ignoring my requests to return their service fee. Auxiliary main part of trip cancelled by organizer as it’s unsafe to travel. We will next write a demand letter to Airbnb and if our matter is not resolved to our satisfaction we will seek legal action. I had a mental break down yesterday the day before my surgery because you guys don’t care about your customers and left me stranded. Unsatisfied with this lack of communication, I sent a very heartfelt and passive aggressive email “thanking” Mark for being such a gracious host during the holiday season. My supposedly “luxury” rental was a complete disaster (thanks superhost Andrea) 903 S, Ashland, chicago. This will help us quickly identify you and get you the right kind of help I will never use them again. I recently booked 4 reservations through Airbnb for AZ .. June 17 / June 26 2019 … I have have only ONE confirmation by e-mail …. What should I do ? your future order all canceled without any clearly explanation. Her cancellation policy says that it cannot be refunded. No refund even tho they said on the phone they will. Please read my story Thanks Marie, OH MY GOODNESS! I just happen to get a host who is an a-hole and refused to refund me in full and wanted to take the full amount!!! ‘Reviews that do not represent the author’s personal experience or that of their travel companions’, This guest did not stay at my home and therefore could not know whether my home was clean, whether my home accurately represented what was advertised, what I was like as a host or any of the other aspects you ask them to review. Thank you! The company offers a 24-hour customer service hotline and up to USD 1 million in Host Protection Insurance programme. I was not able to secure different accommodations until almost midnight. 4 guests First I wanna ask, how is it possible to take money from my account after they have givee back already all the amount? ... HotelTonight is a hotel-booking service, offering on-demand booking for boutique and independent hotels. We’ve had to cancel a trip in Corsica due to COVID-19. During my 3 month stay, the entire first month and much of the second month so far, there hasn’t been working and or, reliable internet service. I easily got refunded from my credit card since Airbnb were useless and only could give me 57 back out of 500 , so I finally got half back from Chase (the credit card company used) and a few days later Airbnb had the audacity to REBILL me for that amount without my authority!!

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